Survey questions preparation, July, 2020

In the #EDSPAA project design is foreseen a conduction of a survey by each partner – Association “Sport Club Comac Sport”, Sofia, Športno Društvo Media Šport – Ljubljana, Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos – Braga, Salas Vidusskola – Sala.  

The survey is among educational institutions and stakeholders in order to assess the need for additional sports activities, as well as the opportunities for organizing and implementing ETSG – from regulatory, logistical and resource-based point of view.

The study will be executed by the teams of the four partnering organizations in Bulgaria, Slovenia, Latvia and Portugal. It will be conducted among three categories of respondents:

  1. Adolescents (young people, aged 10-19);
  2. Physical Education teachers and sport coaches;
  3. Representatives of Sport institutions/ associations/ federations.

The survey will be based on the following questions:

1.        Do you consider physical culture important for the personal development of young people?

2.        Do you consider that young people can gain key skills and competences through Education through sport methods?

3.        Do you consider that the level of interest in sport among young people is increasing?

4.        Do you consider appropriate the integration of different elements from traditional sports in new sports games and activities?

5.        Do you consider sport as a tool for social inclusion and development of Human values?

6.        Do you consider sport a universal language which unites people, and a tool for overcoming stereotypes and prejudices by opening up to the different?

7.        Do you consider appropriate the inclusion of new organizational forms of sporting activity in school curricula?

8.        Is there a well-developed sport infrastructure in your country?

9.        Is there a strategic document/s in your country, reflecting the need of more sport activities for adolescents?

10.      Do you consider the inclusion of European traditional sports and games in new organized non-formal forms of activities with adolescents in and out of school as applicable in formal & non formal education?

The expected number of survey participants is 100. The results from the survey will be integrated in the #EDSPAA Booklet.