About the project

European Dimension in Sport and Physical Activity with Young People

The project “European Dimension in Sport and Physical Activity with Young People” – #EDSPAA [613355-EPP-1-2019-1-BG-SPO-SSCP] aims to include European traditional sports and games [ETSG] as a means of building physical culture, social inclusion and the development of values in adolescents as European citizens.

The present #EDSPAA project is implemented in the partnership of a sports club from Bulgaria, secondary schools from Portugal and Latvia and a sport NGO from Slovenia. It aims to include European traditional sports and games as a means of building physical culture, social inclusion, communication and the development of European values in young people, aged 10-19.

The project team is composed of teachers, coaches and youth workers from the following organizations:  Association “Sport Club Comac Sport”, Sofia/Bulgaria, Športno Društvo Media Šport – Ljubljana/ Slovenia, Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos – Braga/Portugal, Salas Vidusskola – Sala/Latvia.

The innovative aspects of the project work are related to the:

  • Inclusion of European traditional sports and games in new organized non-formal forms of activities with adolescents in and out of school for development and cultivation of values.
  • Content creation of the current ETSG web platform, focusing on local and national traditional sports & games from the project countries and promoting them as a cultural asset of Europe.
  • Preparation of Booklet for sport activity with adolescents on the basis of European traditional sports and games. It will contain a methodological guidelines for the use of ETSG as a tool for formation of adolescent personality’s physical culture, as well as for development of key skills and acceptance of values for social inclusion and openness towards the “other”, the different.

In accordance with the European Commission strategic vision and policy, the current project aims to promote sporting activities and initiatives, and to enhance physical education as vital elements of quality education, making schools more interesting and attractive.

According to the European Parliament, sport is a key instrument for social inclusion, having significant impact in many areas such as: civic awareness and understanding of democracy, health promotion, social integration, labour market realization, employment, qualifications and education.

In this regard, the project focuses on the fact that sport helps young people break up stereotypes, overcome prejudices, gain confidence and self-confidence, by improving their skills and competencies. The project activities will promote Education-through-sports (ETS) methods, the integration of different elements from traditional sports in new sports games and activities, the culture of healthy lifestyle, encouraging young European citizens to #BeActive.  The project foresees variety of events related to the European weeks of sport in 2020 and 2021, online discussions on innovative sports activities in and out of school, based on ETSG.


Association "Sport Club Comac Sport", Sofia, Bulgaria – Project Coordinator

Agrupamento de Escolas de Barcelos – Braga, Portugal - Project Partner

Salas Vidusskola – Sala, Latvia - Project Partner

Športno Društvo Media Šport – Ljubljana, Slovenia – Project Partner